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Abhishek Taneja – Founder, Marketing Head, Blogger at Alpha Campaigns

Uday Pratap – Founder at Alpha Campaigns

Where did it all start?

Two besties with a passion for entrepreneurship found digital world the most fascinating for them.

From struggling to find a startup idea to answering multiple questions about failures in our brain, starting our journey into the digital world was not easy but be sure that we will never look back.

It all started with a need to earn money, finding ways to get one and amazed by the digitalpreneur’s interview got us here.

Yes, we started with a need to fulfil our financial needs but we founded ourselves in a state where the money mindset changed to the creating value mindset.

This is also true that money is a fuel, you can’t run a car without fuel ( can we ignore tesla here please! Thanks 😀 )

It changed into our passion and we started studying about it each day. We developed a deeper understanding of how it works, how to get results and things like that.

We started working in january 2021 and it was a super roller coaster journey.

We understood that working with a client is not that important, what important is to work with a client that has clarity about what they want from digital marketing ( yeah money is one thing, but here we are discussing different things ).

The clients that have clarity about what they want to do, and knows how to explain it to us makes a really good client-marketer bond and actually helps while working on digital marketing campaigns.

Talking about Uday Pratap, he is also the founder of AQUA SKILLS PVT LTD.

A swimming pool based startup that hire pools and arrange swimming classes for water enthusiasts.

He is multiple times National level gold medalist in swimming and has a unparalled passion for swimming.

His passion drives him into this startup where he successfully organized classes with a big audience but corona came in the way.

He is soo dedicated that even after a pandemic affecting the business, his will to still wait and try next year is what makes him a true entrepreneur.

The biggest thing about a entrepreneur is a “NO GIVING UP ATTITUDE”.


Decreasing the cost of customer acquisition and increasing the ROI by also providing the right quality value to the audience is our only motto that creates a WIN-WIN situation for everyone.


We firmly believe in working with businesses that have clarity about what they want to do and believe in creating value first.

Internet marketing should spread the right message all over. 


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